Fr. Fabre's Corner

The Spiritual Side of Summer


In the beauty of God’s created world, we can find many ideas and objects that mirror each other. The seasons of the year mimic the seasons of life, especially the spiritual aspects of life and the patterns of our individual spiritual growth.


The season of summer represents the time in our lives when everything is going smoothly and we’re naturally happy in our surroundings. The warmth of the sun and the length of days has the ability to make everything brighter, better, and more enriching. The summer of our spiritual life is when everything is easier. It’s easy to pray and be thankful for our blessings. We soak in the love of God like our skin soaks in the warmth of the sun. Our little prayers and sacrifices seem to be as fragrant and full of purpose as a field of summer wildflowers. We find acts of kindness to be almost effortless because we are in a joyous and giving mood.


Summer can reflect the state of grace in our souls. Just like the season of summer where nature is bursting with life, so our souls are fully awake and alive when we live in grace. We are renewed in God’s mercy as refreshing as the morning dew on the lush grass. After a season of barren temptations, chilled hearts, and cold discouragement, our souls transform with new life.


In summer our routines change, often slowing down after a year of school, schedules, and commitments. If we’re still busy in the summer, it’s usually more a pleasurable busy from the remainder of the year. We’re going on vacations, having backyard BBQs with friends, and enjoying outdoor activities. We’re able to take a break from our normal schedules and find refreshment. Just like the summer season of our spiritual lives, we find more space to rest and be at leisure so that we’re renewed and ready to face the harshness of the cold dark days again.

This summer, let’s try to be intentional about our time and our need for renewing rest, both in our spiritual lives and in our family lives.